Gastro Pub & Event Venue

509-315-4846     912 W Sprague Ave     Downtown Spokane

Reopening  soon 

Building towards a Positive Future ... With the restaurant, bar & live entertainment industries in the eye of the Covid-19 storm, we have decided to turn the down time

into something positive and productive.
We want to make Tamarack better, a more exciting place for Spokane. 
​So, for now, we are doing a main dining room remodel along with some kitchen upgrades.  We will be closed to the public as our kitchen will be shut down as we do this work.


Our opening date will also be determined with us being fully immunized.

We want to thank all of you for your support,

looking forward to getting back to life as we once knew it. 
Leo & Teresa Gonder



Truly one of the best meals I've had in a restaurant in a very , very long time. What a great surprise. So glad we tried this establishment out. We will definitely go back.

The food, drink service and ambiance was truly lovely.

Katie T.

Had the pineapple burger last night and my mind was blown...Possibly the best burger I've ever had! Thanks for being open  and serving up amazing Takeout guys!

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